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Canyon Ranch Tucson Trail Running + Wellness Retreat

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"This was an amazing and empowering adventure. I found the retreat to be a great balance of guidance and independence. It was an honor to witness the beauty of the Sonoran dessert with experienced and wise runners." 
-Bryanne O.

The Tucson retreat was just amazing. This was my first Run Wild retreat and I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be superb, great hotel, our retreat leader Jan was amazing, and what a great group of women! We had so much fun, and I feel reinvigorated and recharged. I'd definitely do this again."
-Wiebke P.

It's for You If:

This retreat is level I. That means it's for you if you:

  • Are new to trail running, but are able to run at least 3 miles at a time
  • Enjoy running at a slow, or relaxed paced with lots of breaks along the way to enjoy the scenery
  • Are curious about mindful running and want to learn new techniques
  • Want to learn how to run more efficiently and consistently without losing breath
  • Never run trails before or run them all the time
  • Are coming back from an injury or layoff and want to regain lost fitness
  • Consider yourself "slow" and don't want pressure to run fast

About the Runs and Pace

  • Your daily run/walks range from 4 to 6 miles on various trail types, from double to singletrack (we are on the trails for 1.5 - 3 hours max). 
  • Our run pace is relaxed and social (meaning you can talk while you run without losing your breath) 
  • You’ll encounter trails with loose rocks. You can walk/hike trail sections as you need.
  • The trail surfaces are a mix of loose sand, sandstone rock and dirt trail. 
  • Trail running shoes and a hydration pack that can carry at least 1 Liter of water are required.

BONUS: Pre- and Post-Retreat Coaching Calls with Elinor Fish, CEO of Run Wild Retreats + Wellness

As part of your retreat package, you will be invited to two group coaching calls (via Zoom) with Elinor Fish, entrepreneur and ultrarunner, one before your retreat at Canyon Ranch and the second one afterwards.

These coaching calls will introduce you to ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine within the limited amount of time you have available and set an intention for the in-person retreat. Then the post-retreat call will provide you with additional tools, resources and support for fully integrating all you gained at the live-retreat to help you sustain your new healthy habits. The dates and times of these calls will be scheduled closer to the retreat. Calls will be recorded and shared with the group in the event you cannot attend live.

3 Nights at Canyon Ranch Tucson

Accommodations at Canyon Ranch's Tucson resort are more beautiful than ever, with a modern, airy feel and thoughtful amenities. This all-inclusive health resort and spa provide more than just a vacation, but a retreat designed for your personal wellness transformation. The recently renovated guest rooms help you relax with feather beds, Italian linens, pillow-menus and sound machines and impressive views of the mountain and desert from oversized windows. 


Choose Your Personalized Wellness Pathway

As part of your retreat package, we will connect you with a Canyon Ranch Wellness Guide who works with you to curate a combination of wellness treatments, training sessions and medical-professional consultations to meet your needs and desires. This tailored experience falls within one of Canyon Ranch's integrated wellness pathways: spa and beauty, fitness and movement, nutrition and food, health and performance, mind and spirit. These treatments and classes will be scheduled around the planned group trail runs with your Run Wild Retreat leader and run guides. 

Your Wellness Guide will help you identify what your biggest health challenges are right now and design your Canyon Ranch experience to support your transformational journey through  group classes, private treatment or one-one-one coaching. This may include use of Canyon Ranch's state-of-the-art cardio and weight rooms, fitness, dance, yoga classes, indoor cycling, Pilates studios, or your choice of over 100 therapeutic bodywork and beauty services. Some of these classes are free as part of your stay, while others will incur an additional fee. Your retreat package includes a $600 resort credit that you can apply to the programs and treatments you have selected. 

Any additional costs for services you select will be billed to you directly by Canyon Ranch. 

Travel Mindfully to Truly Unwind

This retreat can be the kind of vacation that truly transforms your state of mind and body, if you're open to it. Our retreats are designed to support you as a whole woman, not just a runner. That means you can expect free time to yourself, away from the group. It means that there are wellness experiences included in your retreat package to support your nervous system reset. This is your chance to heal from the effects of stress and focus on doing the things that energize you, inspire you and feed your soul. 

Refresh your Nervous System with a Digital Detox

During this retreat, your nervous system will go through a major reset. The constant stimulation from social media and other online activities can lead to a decrease in attention span and focus. Taking a break from digital devices, even briefly, can help reduce these adverse effects and improve overall well-being. Studies have shown that unplugging technology can improve mood, creativity and cognitive performance.
We support you in this process through our Presence Policy. We suggest that you try running with a GPS-enabled watch, and either leave your phone in your room (we take and share lots of photos) or quiet the distraction by toggling to 'airplane mode'  You'll soon experience the freedom and flow of running by feel instead of what the data says.
Canyon Ranch also encourages the digital-detox. Their policy is that cell phones not be used in public spaces thus further supporting your digital detox and your nervous system. You can truly start to heal from the addiction-fueling dopamine hit and have personal agency over your attention. 
While we highly encourage you to limit or eliminate use of electronic devices during your stay, rest assured that there is WIFI available in every room at Canyon Ranch. 

Dining at Canyon Ranch

Indulge your palate with unlimited delicious, healthy cuisine sourced from organic, unprocessed whole foods and ingredients prepared to exacting nutritional standards. Every memorable dish showcases Canyon Ranch's healthful food philosophy. Canyon Ranch chefs favor organic, wholesome produce from local farms, grass-fed beef, sustainably caught seafood, and naturally healing ingredients. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. You may attend a cooking demonstration during your retreat to learn more about how Canyon Ranch carefully selects and prepares their superior local ingredients into unforgettable and nourishing meals. 

Please note that alcoholic drinks are excluded but available for purchase. 

Add-on +US$38

Transformational Travel Journal

Register by 11 Oct 2024

One of the best ways to deepen your experience with mindfulness during and after your retreat is to add the Transformational Travel Journal to your package. This co-branded journal by Run Wild Retreats in partnership with the Transformational Travel Journal provides an intentional space to write, draw, sketch and otherwise creatively express  this travel experience. Filled with thoughtful writing prompts, inspirational quotes and mindfulness-inspired ideas, we highly recommend using this journal to help you enhance your mindful running experience. Price includes shipping.



Extend your Tucson stay at Canyon Ranch

Price : Starting at $1150 per night

Would you like to extend your stay at Canyon Ranch before or after the retreat? Let us know and we can work directly with the Canyon Ranch team to seamlessly extend your visit from 3 nights (included in the retreat package) to for our five (depending on availability). Nightly rates start at $1150 per night plus taxes and fees. Contact us to learn more at 970-930-1295.

Tucson, AZ, USA
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