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Iceland Trail Running + Wellness Retreat

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This Retreat is Level II

This retreat is rated Level II. This means it’s suitable for you if:

  • You’re comfortable running six days in a row. Our shortest run is 30 minutes, but most are between 2 to 3 hours (including hiking sections, water breaks and photo ops).
  • You have some experience running on trails and have the fitness to run at least 8 miles on the road.
  • You’re OK with running/hiking on trails with loose dirt, rocks, mud, and potentially one knee-deep river crossing.
  • You’re OK with getting your shoes wet in small streams.
  • You’re comfortable on high and exposed, and at times narrow, trails.
  • You’re game for running in the rain! (Don’t worry about what to wear; we provide you with a comprehensive packing list).
  • You don’t mind sharing a room (single travelers are matched with roommates) and sleeping in a mountain hut (equipped with cozy bedding, pillows, towel, full bathroom, showers, electricity, WIFI and running water).
  • You have (or are willing to acquire before the retreat) trail running shoes.

Learn more about how we manage run pacing here:

About the Run Distances

The total run distance for this retreat will be between approximately 32 to 38 miles. Each day’s run in this itinerary is represented by time spent on the trail rather than miles run because the mileage covered will depend largely on your run pace. Faster runners will cover more mileage than slower runners on some days. These run times include breaks to enjoy the views, take photos, eat and drink. The precise route and trails run may change due to changes to trail routes, weather conditions, guide recommendations and other safety considerations.

Note that trail running in Iceland can be challenging at times. Your retreat leader will provide mindful running tips and techniques for managing your pace and navigating the uneven terrain. 

About Iceland

We’ve run in many parts of the world, yet none has delivered as much natural beauty and reward as this wild place. The ever-changing weather is a constant presence and demands our constant respect and preparedness. Our team provides the daily support you need to run well and be well.

Land of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, of Viking heritage and the most modern design imaginable, of magical folklore and friendly people, Iceland sits at the top of Europe with an abundance of history, metropolitan atmosphere, sublime dining and incredible natural landscapes. Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Iceland is also the land of light and darkness. The Icelandic people of whom there are only 350,000, are some of the world’s friendliest and most welcoming people, not to mention their extreme pride for their culture beautiful country.

Our daily mileage varies from 4 to 9 miles, with most of it on trails of various surfaces. Some areas will be easy (soft, packed dirt and pebble paths), while other areas will be challenging, including steep ascents and descents on trails that can become muddy when wet. For this reason, trail-running shoes are mandatory.

The Food

The food in Iceland is rich and delicious, yet simple and not highly seasoned. Icelandic people savor the natural flavors found in the vegetables, seafood and meats that are dietary staples.

You’ll enjoy fresh-caught seafood like chard, cod and haddock. Beef is rare, though lamb is another local favorite. Icelandic yogurt, butter and cheese is very rich, full of fat and flavor.

Most vegetables are grown in massive geothermal-heated greenhouses found throughout the country’s inhabited areas.

Most meals are included in your retreat package, and we handpick high-quality restaurants for unforgettable culinary experiences.

We cater to your special dietary needs. You'll have a chance to indicate your specific dietary requirements in the retreat participant intake form.

Please note that alcoholic drinks are excluded, and snacks and beverages outside of meals and trail runs are not included.

The Weather

The weather in Iceland can be summarized in one word: wet! Prepare for wet weather so if we’re treated to sunny, dry conditions (which does happen!), then it’s a bonus. Especially when we’re running along the southern coast, it can be cool and windy, and rain is highly likely. The average daytime temperatures are in the low- to mid-fifties, though it can reach the 60s on a sunny day. In the packing list we’ll supply for you, we highly recommend lightweight rain pants and a waterproof-breathable rain jacket. It won’t be raining the whole time, but for those times it is raining, you’ll be glad to have the right gear!

3 Nights at the ION Adventure Hotel

An ideal place to take a deep breath, experience adventure and enjoy the luxury of an exceptional hotel. Thanks to the mix of cool concrete, glass and warm materials such as driftwood and lava stone from the surrounding area, the member of the design hotels blends harmoniously into its surroundings. The spectacular façade and all the furniture are made from natural, recycled materials, while bed linen and towels are made from fair-trade cotton. In the Lava Spa you will be pampered with natural Icelandic care products and you can marvel at the fascinating nature from the heated outdoor pool.

3 Nights at the Hotel Vík í Mýrdal

The Hotel Vik í Mýrdal is a modern Art Deco hotel located a short walk from the Black Sand Beach. The rooms are designed in a contemporary, nature-inspired style by noted Icelandic architect Guðbjörg Magnúsdóttir. Every room comes with blackout curtains, a wardrobe, complimentary WiFi, a flat-screen TV, telephone, desk, coffee, and tea. Furthermore, each room’s large bathroom offers a walk-in tiled shower, towels, a hairdryer and both natural and organic skincare products that are made in Iceland from wild herbs. As with typical hotels in Iceland, the two double beds can be slid apart to crate a little extra space between you and your roommate. 


Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon + Diamond Beach

Breiðamerkursandur, also known as "Diamond Beach" gets this nickname from the icebergs from the nearby Breiðamerkurjökull glacier that break away and bob through the famous Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon before setting out to sea. Some blocks of ice get stranded on the beach, creating the illusion of large diamonds.

Enjoy an optional one-hour Jökulsárlón boat tour that will take you to the secret and quiet places where you'll experience incredible peace and spectacular glacial scenery. This tour takes place in an open-air Zodiac, making for an exhilarating experience, so dress warmly! Our guides will supply a flotation suit or life vest. Get ready for a tour that will take you to Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, into the deep serenity of the lagoon.


Sky Lagoon Geothermal Hot Springs

Your retreat package includes a two-hour soak in the natural geothermal hot springs known as The Sky Lagoon. Authentic Icelandic culture meets nature’s awe-inspiring beauty at Sky Lagoon. Discover a natural oasis like no other located in the heart of breathtaking Iceland, just minutes from downtown Reykjavík.

Mindful Running Clinics

Learn how to run more mindfully to become a better runner. This includes natural running form clinics during which you'll learn about the Power Posture: use proper alignment to make gravity do more of the work. This reduces the muscular force involved with running so it feels easier and less strenuous on muscles and joints.
Focus on efficiency: Use natural running techniques to drastically improve efficiency. You'll practice changing stride length, cadence and tempo on various types of terrain. Then put the pieces together to achieve the ultimate trail running experience. Learn to cultivate the circumstances for flow to occur by being relaxed and mindful.

Dedicated Retreat Leader

Our highly trained retreat leaders provide the space and support for you to have a potentially transformational experience. As experts in mindful leadership, she provides valuable guidance on how to be mindful on and off the trail. Here's more about what you can expect from your retreat leader:

  • Leads the opening meeting on Day 1, explaining what you can expect, the general flow of each day, what's expected of you, how she'll support you and all the other logistics you need.
  • Works with our local staff, such as guides and drivers, to keep things safe, on schedule and running smoothly
  • Leads mindful running clinics that teach you how to run more efficiently and with more flow and ease
  • Manages the pace of each run so that you never feel rushed or get left behind
  • Helps you get to scheduled events like yoga class, spa appointment and dinner reservations on time
  • Facilitates sharing circles, creating a safe space for the group to reflect and share openly
  • Provides emotional support if ever you need it

Run Wild Retreats Gift Bag

Items may vary slightly from what is shown here based on product availability.

Friðheimar Tomato Farm

Have you ever been out for a meal in a greenhouse? At Friðheimar, tomatoes are grown all year round, despite Iceland’s long, dark winters, under artificial lighting in greenhouses. Tomatoes are the theme of Friðheimar cuisine – and that’s not surprising, since three different varieties of tomato are cultivated in the greenhouses. Enjoy this unique dining experience in a charming environment among the plants.

Add-on +US$38

Transformational Travel Journal

Register by 16 Jun 2023

One of the best ways to deepen your experience with mindfulness during and after your retreat is to add the Transformational Travel Journal to your package. This co-branded journal by Run Wild Retreats in partnership with the Transformational Travel Journal provides an intentional space to write, draw, sketch and otherwise creatively express what meaning this travel experience has for you. Filled with thoughtful writing prompts, inspirational quotes and mindfulness-inspired ideas, we highly recommend using this journal to help you enhance your mindful running experience. 


Add-on +US$142

Mindful Inspiration Running Kit

Register by 14 Jul 2023

The Mindful Running Inspiration Kit is filled with custom items that will support and inspire you to consistently practice your healthy running habits.

Get inspired to continue your practice every time you reach for your mindful running gear, and take to the streets and trails knowing you are feeding your soul and fueling your good health in the long run.

Your Mindful Running Inspiration Kit Includes:

  • “I Run Mindfully” women's technical run t-shirt
  •  Run Intention Bracelet
  •  27-oz Stainless Steel Klean Kanteen bottle with sport cap
  • “I Run Mindfully” vinyl stickers (pack of 2)
  •  Mindful Running Training Log
  • “Run Mindfully” Intention Bracelet

Share and celebrate the joy of maintaining a daily running practice, while reminding you that no matter where you take your shoes — from Moab to the Mediterranean — you’re part of a community of healthy runners who support you on this path. Shipping is FREE!


Your Packing List


  1. One pair of trail running shoes (required)
  2. Hydration pack (we recommend a vest pack rather than a waist pack) with pockets for carrying food and extra clothes and water (required)
  3. Short-sleeve running shirts
  4. Long-sleeve running shirts (light weight)
  5. Running shorts
  6. Running capris or tights
  7. Lightweight, breathable running rain jacket (easily packable)
  8. Three to four pairs of running socks
  9. Running cap or visor
  10. Sunglasses​​​​

💡Plus: warm hat, gloves and lots of layers! You can expect considerable wind and rain in Iceland. 


  • Day pack (~20 L)*
  • Casual clothes (dining is informal)
  • Shoes for casual wear
  • Warm jacket for cool evenings
  • Bathing suit
  • Journal
  • Small, lightweight camera (or phone)
  • Plug adapter (if traveling outside North America) for electronic devices
  • Ear plugs (for sleeping)
  • Sleeping attire suitable for shared sleeping quarters if sharing a room
  • Other personal items/apparel and toiletries (shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, etc).

*You’ll use this day pack for extra clothing, snacks and personal items (not for running). You’ll have access to it while traveling in the van, when large luggage is not accessible.

For ease of transport between hotels, please limit your luggage to one carry-on (backpack as described above is recommended) and one wheeled suitcase.

💡Note: Trail running shoes and a hydration pack are required items.

Trail running shoes offer better traction than road shoes and will positively impact your retreat experience. Everyone is required to carry water with them. Also recommended are some electrolyte tablets you can put in your water. We will supply food and energy snacks to eat during the runs. 

Reykjavík, Iceland
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