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Iceland Hiking with Viking Women Retreat

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"Everything about this trip was wonderful: the camaraderie and bonding with my fellow women trail runners, the gentle and powerful way in which our gorgeous retreat leaders led us through any weather and distance, the incredible food we were treated daily to, the magical landscapes. I came back home renewed and in awe of myself for having been brave enough to do this. I came back so happy and inspired, that I cannot wait to go again next year! You have created something beautiful and empowering."
--Linda M. 

"Run Wild Retreats is a great company to travel with because they take care of every detail, so I didn’t have to worry about planning a thing for myself while knowing I was going to have a jam-packed trip accompanied by like-minded curious and fun adventurous women."

--Ellie N.

Who It's For

This retreat is for women who enjoy being on a trail as a way to connect with nature and herself. You have good overall health and fitness, and don't mind if the weather is wet and cold or sunny and windy. Either way, you're game for an adventure under the professional guidance of a seasoned leader. You're curious about how mindfulness may make this a different kind of experience of you, and are open to hearing new ideas and seeing how mindful hiking could help you more deeply connect to Iceland's unique natural beauty. 

You're comfortable being outdoors and are comfortable with spending 2 to 5 hours a day on your feet, hiking on uneven terrain, sometimes with loose gravel. 

This is a hiking only retreat, which means there are no group runs, though you are welcome to run during the free time on your own if you wish. 
Our daily hikes will vary in distance from 4 to 6 miles, with most of it on trails of various surfaces. We stop frequently to take pictures, eat and drink.

Some hikes will be easy (soft, packed dirt and pebble paths), while other areas will be challenging, including steep ascents and descents on trails that can become muddy when wet.

Icelandic Cuisine

The food in Iceland is rich and delicious, yet simple and not highly seasoned. Icelandic people savor the natural flavors found in the vegetables, seafood and meats that are dietary staples. You’ll enjoy fresh-caught seafood like chard, cod and haddock. Beef is rare, though lamb is another local favorite. Icelandic yogurt, butter and cheese is very rich, full of fat and flavor. Most vegetables are grown in massive geothermal-heated greenhouses found throughout the country’s inhabited areas.

Most meals are included in your retreat package, and we handpick high-quality restaurants for unforgettable culinary experiences. We make every effort to accommodate your dietary preferences and restrictions. However, there are occasions when we may face limitations. You'll have a chance to indicate your specific dietary requirements in the retreat participant intake form. Please note that alcoholic drinks are excluded, and snacks and beverages outside of meals and trail runs are not included.

Enjoy Multiple Geothermal Hot Springs Experiences

Included with your retreat package is a Comfort Package for the Blue Lagoon, which includes a silica mud mask and drink from the swim-up bar. While staying at the Silica Hotel you have unlimited access to the exclusive Silica Lagoon. And after one day's hike we'll also stop at the Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths, a unique experience of the healing powers of the geothermal springs. 

Stay 2 Nights at the Frost & Fire Boutique Hotel

Get off the grid at Frost & Fire, a boutique hotel nestled in the geothermal foothills above Hveragerði village on the banks of the Varmá river, only 40 minutes from Iceland’s capital area. With luxury amenities, an exceptional restaurant and some of the best geothermal swimming and bathing facilities in the area, you will be treated to an authentical Icelandic escape. During your two-night stay at the Frost & Fire, you'll have free time to enjoy the sauna, an outdoor thermal pool, a thermal river and riverside hot tubs. For breakfast, savor traditional delicacies like the hverabrauð, a rich rye bread cooked overnight in the ancient hot spring on-site.

Stay 2 Nights at the Highland Base

Highland Base in the Kerlingarfjoll Mountains offers an extraordinary experience in the heart of Iceland's captivating highlands. Located in a pristine natural setting, this hotel offers a unique blend of adventure, comfort and breathtaking scenery. Surrounded by rugged mountains, vast lava fields and pristine rivers, this is our ideal base for exploring this remote and awe-inspiring region. Thoughtfully designed rooms offer comfort and tranquility, ensuring a restful stay. After a day of exploration, enjoy the warmth of a crackling fireplace while savoring a delicious meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients. 


Stay 2 Nights at The Silica Hotel

Silica Hotel, a tranquil oasis for guests seeking relaxation and well-being, offers a serene and rejuvenating retreat in the otherworldly landscape surrounding the Blue Lagoon. The hotel's architecture and design blend harmoniously with the surrounding volcanic terrain, creating a serene atmosphere that complements the rejuvenating powers of the Blue Lagoon. Each hotel room is a haven of comfort and simplicity, designed to create a peaceful and restorative ambiance. You can enjoy views of the rugged lava landscape or the soothing waters of the lagoon. You have exclusive access the Silica Lagoon, the property's private lagoon. To enhance your wellness journey, the hotel offers a range of spa amenities and treatments inspired by Icelandic nature for an additional charge. 

Climate, Weather and Gear

The weather in Iceland can be summarized in one word: wet! Prepare for wet weather so if we’re treated to sunny, dry conditions (which does happen!), then it’s a bonus. Especially when we’re running along the southern coast, it can be cool and windy, and rain is highly likely. The average daytime temperatures are in the low- to mid-fifties, though it can reach the 60s on a sunny day. In the packing list we’ll supply for you, we highly recommend lightweight rain pants and a waterproof-breathable rain jacket. It won’t be raining the whole time, but for those times it is raining, you’ll be glad to have the right gear!

Our highly trained Icelandic guides will keep us safe on the trails, monitor the weather and trail conditions on a day-by-day basis. The weather in Iceland is extremely variable, and we will hike as long the conditions are safe, though this may mean hiking in blowing wind and sometimes rain. For this reason, hiking shoes are mandatory (waterproof hiking boots are strongly recommended), as is a lightweight backpack that can carry at least 1 L of water, snacks and a lightweight, breathable jacket. We will provide you with a comprehensive packing list as part of your preparation.

Optional 2 Night Snæfellsnes Peninsula Tour Extension Package

Get acquainted with the otherworldly landscape of Iceland prior to your retreat. Enjoy your first evening at a boutique hotel just off Reykjavik’s main shopping street. The following morning you will walk to the meetup point to begin your small group tour where you will discover the best of West Iceland. Explore the spectacular Snæfellsnes Peninsula, walk across the black pebbles at Djúpalónssandur, and admire the distinct Mount Kirkjufell.

Treat yourself to a landscape that is out of this world. Snæfellsnes Peninsula is magical and spellbinding with moss-cloaked lava fields, picturesque mountains, gorgeous black sand beaches, roaring ocean waves, charming little villages, and sea cliffs. You will return to Reykjavik where you can enjoy an evening spa or explore the restaurant offerings in the city center. The next day you will meet up with your retreat group in the city center to begin your Iceland Hiking with Viking Women Retreat. Click on the "Itinerary" tab to learn more and add this extension to your retreat package.


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Transformational Travel Journal

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One of the best ways to deepen your experience with mindfulness during and after your retreat is to add the Transformational Travel Journal to your package. This co-branded journal by Run Wild Retreats in partnership with the Transformational Travel Journal provides an intentional space to write, draw, sketch and otherwise creatively express what meaning this travel experience has for you. Filled with thoughtful writing prompts, inspirational quotes and mindfulness-inspired ideas, we highly recommend using this journal to help you enhance your mindful running experience. The price includes the $5.99 shipping fee. 


Reykjavík, Iceland
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